Long Term Care

What kinds of long term care are available?

Generally, long term care insurance addresses three distinct levels of care. It is important that buyers of long term care insurance understand the levels of care available, the differences between the levels of care as well as it is important that buyers ensure the policy they select provides the coverage they want.

Skilled care

Skilled care services are provided by professional medical workers who have educational and prior experience credentials and are usually licensed by a regulatory authority (e.g., a registered nurse or professional therapist). The services rendered are ordered and overseen by licensed physicians and the services are typically sought and supplied on an on-going, 24 hour a day basis. A plan of treatment is prepared and overseen by the physician.

Intermediate care

Intermediate care is provided on an occasional basis (sometimes daily but often just a few times a week). By definition, care is not around the clock however it is still provided by trained medical staff under the supervision of a physician. Intermediate care is of a more general nature than is skilled care.

Custodial care

The vast majority of all long-term care is of a caretaker nature providing assistance with normal, everyday activities of daily living, (e.g. bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, dispensing medication, etc). Doctor's orders are not required and necessary services can be performed by someone without advanced training or professional medical skills.